Beware! Mightyape online store terrible customer service

This is a review of my experience dealing with and their customer service. I needed to buy a new headset to replace my current one which the mic was not working anymore. I then looked up best deals online and came across the offer of this online retailer. To sum up my experience of Mightyape… « when you buy with them, you get monkeys ». They spend a lot of money on their marketing, but peanuts on their customer service.

As I needed it same day, I paid an extra $5 for their same day delivery option. As it was 9am in the morning, I expected it before 5pm. Turns out, I did not get it during my work hours, but found it in the plants at my front door (on the street with no fences) in the morning!! It was delivered at 7:40pm without notice…

Second issue, I found out that the connector of the headset is working only with consoles (single jack) and not on my PC. I then tried to contact support, first by responding to the confirmation email – nothing happened for 24h – then I tried to find a phone to ring the next day… they are none on their website… then I used their contact form. Another day goes by and I received a generic reply mentioning just the return policy. Nothing about my $5 same-day issue.

I replied to this email on reception, in order to progress the case, saying I wanted to return the headset. The answer comes another 24h later. Exact same email, no progress on how to return the goods. I also find out in their conditions of return that I would have to pay for the courier back to them!

We are day 7 and not much progress made…

Good luck if you plan on buying with these guys.



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